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Heart of Consciousness Programs

The Journey into the Already Awakened Heart

Six-Month Program

This five-module course offers an in-depth journey into the Heart of Consciousness through Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana. We will explore the darśana (view) of nondual tradition, the nature of kuṇḍalinī and the role it plays in one’s liberation, and how the upāyas (means of practice) provide a framework for understanding how our spiritual growth becomes a living expression.


No prerequisites, but participating in the weekly Śakti Transmission classes is strongly recommended.

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Weekend Retreats

Throughout the year, Swami Khecaranatha offers 1 to 3-day retreats to allow time for a deeper exploration of topics that directly relate to students’ spiritual practice and experiences in life. Guided meditations, śakti transmission, discussion and Q&A are blended into each retreat to deepen students’ practice. Read more about our next retreat...

Prerequisite for those new to Swami Khecaranatha’s practice: Watching the Introductory Video.

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Hawaii Immersions

Longer periods of deep immersion into the practice significantly shift our experience. Swami Khecaranatha has designed these extended retreats as a time to let go of daily life and reside at Nityakash, our retreat facility on Maui. Read more about our next immersion...

In-person attendance is by permission and generally requires prior participation in one or more of the weekend retreats.

Pilgrimage into the Heart

Throughout history people seeking a deeper spiritual life have gone on pilgrimages to holy sites to immerse themselves in a place of refuge. Setting aside the activities, distractions, and pressures of daily life and engaging in longer periods of daily sadhana has long been a key component of reaching into the depths of one’s awareness. Read more...

Begins Aug 2023
Conscious Studentship 
54-Week Program

This one-year commitment will be a powerful accelerant in your journey toward freedom. Swami Khecaranatha has many students but will only be accepting 30 individuals into this deeply intimate spiritual relationship. Read more...

Began May 2023
Ācārya Training & Initiation

A lineage is an unbroken transmission of a living spiritual force that is passed from heart to heart. The role of the teacher is two-fold: to awaken the creative power of Life already present within each person, and to support that person as this power unfolds. This responsibility cannot be taken lightly. While it is a great honor to teach, it is really a life of work, sacrifice, and surrender. Read more…

Begins June 2025
Foundations Program

These videos will provide you with an understanding of many of the basics of our practice.

The program consists of sixteen 45-minute edited videos in a self-paced program that you can watch on your own schedule.


No prerequisites, but participating in the weekly Śakti Transmission classes is strongly recommended.

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