Foundations Course

Śiva Tāṇḍavam: The Cosmic Dancer
The View/Means/Living Expression
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Foundations was offered as a powerful introductory module for the Great Journey of the Heart, 2-Year Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana Program that was recently offered.

An edited version of that program is now available as The Journey Into the Already Awakened Heart.

Foundations offers:

  • Sixteen 45-minute edited videos
  • Self-paced program: watch on your own schedule

This module presents an overview of the view, means, and living expression of liberation. It is an optional, but valuable, review for those who attended the Śiva Tāṇḍavam retreat last October. This is an edited version of that event.

Topics discussed will include:

THE VIEW OF NONDUALITY - There is only One
The One Who Dances in All

The Divine is a dynamic dance of Śiva (Consciousness) and Śakti (energy). Śiva is unbounded Consciousness and infinite light, while Śakti is the power of that Consciousness. This autonomous freedom knows Itself as infinite awareness and manifests Itself in and as all form, including Kuṇḍalinī Śakti, the individuated expression of Itself that is us. The highest teaching of nonduality is actualized when we have the direct experience that we are infinite, absolute Consciousness.

THE MEANS: KUṆḌALINĪ SĀDHANA & THE UPĀYAS - The means and practices that reveal Unity
The One Who Dances as You

The truths inherent in the view of nonduality are revealed to us through direct experience. Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana is the spiritual technology that brings forth that experience in our meditation and in daily life.

The upāyas are at once the means to liberation (perpetually cycling in a non-linear focus and prominence) and the state of awakened Consciousness — the recognition of one’s own Śiva-hood revealed by the descent of grace.

THE LIVING EXPRESSION OF FREEDOM - Unity in the motion of life
The One Who Knows the Dance

Liberation — the direct recognition of our Divinity — is the wisdom and intrinsic knowledge of our true Self in action: the living expression of Supreme Consciousness united with Its dynamic energy, in one’s every thought, motion, and word.

Freedom is perfected in all aspects of one’s life when the spiritual insight and experience forged by living in the world dissolves all apparent internal and external duality.