Introductory Video: The Gift of Having a Teacher

Entering into a relationship with a teacher reflects the conscious choice on the part of a student to place his/her finite awareness in direct confrontation with the expanded consciousness of the teacher — the unbounded consciousness the student wishes to attain. As a student comes into the guru’s field of awareness, the student’s finite consciousness encounters its own Source in the person of the teacher. It releases the inner meditative current and infinite consciousness already present within every student, but unknown to them.

In this sacred relationship the teacher binds the student to service, growth, and the inner practices required for the single purpose of attaining freedom. The teacher only seeks to free students from their own limited awareness.

—Abhinavagupta (11th CE Trika Master)

Swami Khecaranatha will only be accepting 30 individuals into this program, which focuses on the spiritual relationship with a teacher. This one-year commitment will be a powerful accelerant in your journey toward freedom and, if you choose, it will culminate with a formal initiation into the practice and lineage.

This one year program focuses on the triadic aspects of conscious studentship:

The View: 
Understanding the purpose, nature, and stages of conscious studentship. It is in its essence the cultivation of the intimate relationship of God/Śiva and ourselves. 

The Means/Sādhana:
Exploring the means and inner practices and the direct recognition and application of the gained knowledge in daily life. It is only when awareness is in motion in our moment-by-moment engagement with life that it is real.

The Lived Expression: 
The full measure of consciousness is in finding, entering into, and establishing oneself in the inherent truths of the View.

The program will explain that conscious studentship is not only focused on the key aspect of the relationship with a teacher, but also on the importance of direct recognition and the study of wisdom teachings. All of this to elicit the deepest knowing our essence-nature and the Oneness of life.

  • There will be direct one-on-one interaction with Swami Khecaranatha.
  • Numerous practices and meditations will be given for the direct recognition.
  • The program will include the study of wisdom teachings/scripture such as the Guru Gita, the seminal text on the teacher-student relationship.  

It is our hope that you will find this program of value, no matter what practice you are doing. Participation in Conscious Studentship with Nathaji does not require that you are studying directly with him.

 The structure of the Conscious Studentship program and engagement with Swami Khecaranatha
  • Immersions: A one week immersion at Nityakash, our center on Maui. (Attendance in person is a prerequisite for those considering entering into the Ācārya training which follows.)
  • On-going Interactive Sessions: A two-hour group zoom session every other week focusing on 21 aspects of conscious studentship. (See the next section.) Each aspect will be explored for tranformation, insight and lived expression.
  • Reading Assignments and Learning Lessons: Designed for inquiry and insight into a deeper learning.
  • Discounts on Participation in Bay Area Retreats: Three times a year (April, July, October). In person and live-streamed/ on-demand.

Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji)

With a mastery etched from over five decades of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, Khecaranatha is an authentic adept in the Śakti Transmission Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda. 

Nathaji teaches from his personal experience and revelations. His study of the richness and wisdom of ancient tantric scripture provides a means to articulate the teachings of his lineage within the larger context of these powerful nondual traditions—while emphasizing the essence of his teaching, which is to empower students to discover their own innate divinity.

A lineage is an unbroken transmission of a living spiritual force that is passed from heart to heart. It flows from one generation to the next — from a teacher to the student the teacher wishes to initiate as a lineage carrier. Whether the initiation is an elaborate ceremony or simply the words of the teacher spoken to the heart of the person being initiated, it is the power of initiation that installs the seed of the living force in the recipient. Although this force manifests within a teacher, this living energy is greater than that which is carried within any person. A lineage carrier serves that force.

As a lineage carrier in this tradition, I feel a deep gratitude to every teacher who has gone before me. They have passed down an enormous grace and wealth of knowledge, and have provided the practical means to enable generations of spiritual seekers to gain their liberation. 
— Swami Khecaranatha


Khecaranatha talks to us directly, sharing his experience from decades of spiritual practice. He presents a systematic guide to the practice of Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana, including how to develop the flow that awakens the living force of kuṇḍalinī. The direct awakening of kuṇḍalinī by śakti is considered to be the most excellent in the Tantric tradition, and this form of higher initiation is the essence of the practice taught by Swami Khecaranatha. It is marvelous to see how his teachings coincide with the Trika school of Śaivism. Khecaranatha has attained, through the transmission of his teachers and a lifetime of practice and profound personal experience, a deep understanding of Kashmiri Śaivism and Anuttara Trika. Thus, he summates in his realization and teachings what was considered by the Kashmiris to be the most elevated practice of all the Tantric schools.
— MARK DYCZKOWSKI, PH.D., one of the world’s foremost authorities on Tantric studies and the nondual Śaivaite tradition.

Program Investment:

One Year program includes —

  • An opening week immersion in Hawaii
  • 21 two-hour interactive sessions with Nathaji and the group
  • Numerous guided meditations
  • Ongoing personal interaction with Nathaji

Option One: $1,750

$1,250 for immersion in person (program, room and board), $500 for the 21 interactive sessions with workbooks, downloadable guided meditations, and free book of your choice of Nathaji's five books. (

Option Two: $1,250

$750 for immersion live streamed/on-demand, $500 for the 21 interactive sessions with workbooks and downloadable guided meditations.

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I invite you to join me on the sacred journey into the ocean of bliss and the sky of consciousness.   Nathaji