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The Ācāryamaṇḍala of Heart of Consciousness

Swami Khecaranatha is the ācāryamaṇḍaleśvara - leader of the circle of ācāryas.
He teaches in the S.F. East Bay Area, at Nityakash (Maui), and periodically at the local centers.

Centers & Ācāryas

Hawaii Centers


 Ācārya Sodasi Devi (Sonia Foscoli) -  Maui, Hawaii

Teaching in-person.

I have been immersed in the teachings of this lineage for over thirty years and still watch in wonder as my inner growth blossoms under the guidance of my loving partner and Guru, Swami Khecaranatha. He initiated me as an ācārya in our lineage in 2004, and I serve the community by contributing to the management of our beautiful retreat and immersion center at Nityakash, Maui.

Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana continues to inform every aspect of my life. I bow to the Grace that initiated my spiritual journey and lay myself at its feet.


Ācārya Sadashiva (Stephen Hynson) - Maui, Hawaii

Teaching in-person. Email [email protected] or call 808.268.2946

I was introduced to Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana in 1973 and it has been a part of my life ever since. It is with the Grace of God, the support of my teacher, and my own intention that I now find myself with the opportunity to share my passion with others. My path to this moment was not a straight trajectory but there has been the constancy of a longing for the Divine paired with the cultivation of our practices of an inner awareness, that guides and informs my daily life. It is a daily life filled with my practice, my marriage, my children and grandchildren, my work as studio furniture artist, and my work in counseling as a depth psychologist.


Ācārya Prashanti Devi (Maria Miller Silvert) - Maui, Hawaii

Teaching in person. Email [email protected]

For over 30 years, I’ve studied and practiced yoga, meditation, painting as a spiritual practice, Eastern philosophies, Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness. I earned a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from JFK University, California and am a practicing psychotherapist as well as a Kripalu yoga teacher. I’ve experienced a true transformation of my spiritual practice and life since I committed to my teacher Nathaji in 2007. I am dedicated to sharing the profound teachings and practices of the Heart of Consciousness and helping to communicate their relevance in our daily lives. I feel so grateful to be able to learn and share my life with an authentic spiritual master and the power of this spiritual lineage.

Ācārya Shambhu (Niko) - Kauai, Hawaii

Teaching by Zoom. Email [email protected]

I strive to express “depth over time" in all aspects of my life: as a student and teacher in this practice; in a professional realm, where I hold an MBA from UC Berkeley and work in finance; and in all my relationships, especially as a husband and father.

I have been a student of Swami Khecaranatha since 2002 and was initiated into the teacher-training program in 2014. Originally from Bulgaria, I am currently a resident of Kauai. I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, playing tennis, practicing chi gong, snorkeling, hiking, travelling, and reading.

San Francisco Bay Area Centers

Ācārya Amrita Devi (Ellen Jefferds) - Main Center - Rudrakash, Richmond, CA

Teaching in person at Rudrakash, generally on Monday nights. Email [email protected]

I began my sādhana by learning TM on Valentine’s Day, 1970, and started teaching that practice in 1971. In 2007 my desire for further growth lead me to Swami Khecaranatha, and as soon as I attended my first classes with him, I knew I’d come home. Nathaji initiated me as a teacher in 2011 and as an ācarya in 2017. 

My experience is that Heart of Consciousness provides a wonderful, direct means to deepening spiritual growth. This is what has motivated me to become an ācārya and share the grace of this lineage. In addition to teaching, I have edited some of Nathaji’s books, assist him in managing our programs, and handle the finances of our organizations in Berkeley and Hawaii.


Ācārya Samvitti Devi (Dana Swain) - Main Center, Rudrakash, Richmond, CA

Teaching in person at Rudrakash, generally on Wednesday nights. Email [email protected]

Samvitti is the lead teacher at Rudrakash and has been a student at Heart of Consciousness for over 20 years. After several years of teaching, she was initiated as an ācarya in 2017.

Kuṇḍalinī began to awaken in me more than 30 years ago, but it was the grace and skill of my teacher, Swami Khecaranatha, that helped me cultivate that energy into a rich and ever-deepening spiritual life. Now I want to serve other spiritual seekers, to allow the power of śakti-kuṇḍalinī to express itself to its fullest capacity in them, as the light of consciousness their Selves truly are.

Professionally, I am a Jungian depth psychologist, personal and spiritual development coach (, and author of When the Light Breaks Through: Understanding Kundalini Experiences Through Psychology, Body, and Story, available at Amazon.

Ācārya Purnata (Michael Small) - Marin & Richmond (Rudrakash), CA

Teaching in person in Marin on Monday nights and on occasion at Rudrakash. Email [email protected]

In our tradition, we understand that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This was my experience, when in 2010, I had a spiritual awakening that led me to seek out and find Swami Khecaranatha. The teachings of this lineage and the guidance of a Guru have allowed me to deepen my connection to my heart and to my own divinity. I furthered my commitment by taking vows as an Acharya in 2017, and also serve on the Board of Sacred Space Yoga Sanctuary.

In my classes, I intend to be a clear channel for the grace of this lineage to be shared with those who seek it. My classes include guided meditation, Shakti transmission, and discussion. I am also available for individual support.

Ācārya Varesh (Jim Rodseth) - Terra Linda, CA

Call (415) 710-4107

Living in Sacramento as a young man, I read about Rudi and was struck by the high regard in which he was held. Later, meeting Nathaji, a student of Rudi, crystallized my long-held desire to find an authentic spiritual teacher who is as committed to the liberation of his students as he is to his own. 

Over years that spiritual force awakened by meeting Nathaji has grown within me. It has been awakened, fostered, and matured by our practice and by the grace of our lineage - and this is what led me to become a teacher and serve as President of Sacred Space Yoga Sanctuary. My classes are free and open to anyone who is sincerely searching for their liberation. 

Scottsdale Arizona Center


Ācārya Nityani Devi (Jenn Chiarelli) - Scottsdale, AZ

Teaching via Zoom. Email [email protected]  Website:

I met Nathaji in 2002, near the end of my professional career as a ballerina, and have been committed to my spiritual sādhana with him and the Heart of Consciousness community ever since then. I have the deepest gratitude to my teacher for his constant guidance on my journey.

Through my company, Anahata Soul, I have been training yoga teachers for over 17 years. Currently, I teach yoga and meditation workshops, teacher trainings, classes, and retreats, nationally and internationally. I live in Phoenix with my beloved husband and two children, who have captured my whole heart. It is with this same heart that I encourage my students to explore their sādhana through their own unique expression of personal practice, asana, pranayama, self-reflection, and meditation.

Denton Texas Center

Ācārya Rudraya (Silver Ra Baker) - Denton, Texas

Teaching in person. Call 940-382-0732

My inner life was activated when I was initiated by Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) in 1971, and he made me a teacher in 1972. Since then, I have dedicated myself to teaching at Rudi’s original ashram in Texas. Over the years I have incorporated other spiritual practices into our offerings, since Rudi had often spoken to me about creating a “Spiritual University” with Rudra Meditation as the foundation.

I am also the principal architect of the Rudra Mandala and the builder of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation in Big Indian, New York. I devote myself to the preservation of that part of Rudi’s legacy, where people go on pilgrimage to his Samadhi Shrine. To remain teachable, I took initiation with Nathaji in 2020 and became an ācārya in his practice.

Ācārya Shankara (Ross DeOtte) - Denton, Texas

Teaching in person. Call 940-382-0732

Swami Khecaranatha initiated Shankara in 2020, in a ceremony in Ganeshpuri, India.

In 2016, I was graced with a living teacher, Silver Ra (now Ācārya Rudraya), a Spiritual Child of Swami Rudrananda. I continue to live and study with Rudraya at the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness in Denton, TX.

I am grateful for God’s open heart, which lives in me, the empowerment of internalizing all of Life’s energies, and this celebration of Life I am living. This practice, Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana, or “Rudi’s Work,” has been the foundation for discovering and experiencing myself in this way. Its continual benefits in my life are my inspiration to continue to practice and teach. My guiding principle is: “God is One, Without a second.” 

International Center

Swami Shivananda (Michael Wing) - Brisbane, Australia

Teaching in-person. Email [email protected] or call (+61  7) 3108 7005 or (+61) 04222 09937

I am an adept meditation teacher with over 30 years of experience helping people reach their spiritual potential. I've studied under and been initiated by several spiritual masters, and in November 2012 was initiated as a swami in Ganeshpuri, India.

In addition to my role as Director of the Brisbane Shakti Meditation and Yoga Centre, I am well-known as a psychic and energy healer (using my birth name, Michael Wing), and for the last 25 years have sought to bring comfort, clarity, and direction to the thousands of people I've served.