The Great Journey of the Heart

2-Year Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana Program

A 14-Module Course that features ongoing interaction with Swami Khecaranatha.

  • Foundations Course includes Zoom meetings with Nathaji
  • Six 3-day Intensives, focusing on teachings and śakti transmission
  • Five Modules, discussing significant aspects of the Journey with on-demand presentations and zoom chat sessions
  • Immersions in Hawaii
  • Modules will become self-paced courses at a later date.
  • Hours posted are California, USA (except for Hawaii Immersions).
Join Swami Khecaranatha on this unique journey!

With the powerful combination of grace by way of his gurus’ transmissions and decades of practice, Nathaji brings together the practical and esoteric aspects of Nondual Śaiva Tantra in this spectacular online program. This is the kind of program that would greatly benefit beginners and advanced sādhakas alike
— Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD, teacher and author of Shakti Rising, The Heart of Wellness, and Glorious Alchemy.

Module 1: Foundations Course April 5-June 30, 2021
Śiva Tāṇḍavam: The Cosmic Dancer

Those planning to participate in the Great Journey program should begin with this module as it will present an overview of the view, means, and living expression of liberation. It is an optional, but valuable, review for those who attended the Śiva Tāṇḍavam retreat last October. This is an edited version of that event. Read more...

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Module 2: Overview Retreat — July 8-11, 2021
Hṛdaya-Darśana — The Secret is in The Heart

This retreat will explore why our heart is the portal into God's Heart and how we can find that connection in our sādhana. Guided meditations, śakti transmission, discussion, and Q&A are blended into each retreat to deepen your practice. Includes a Program Introduction and Invocation Puja. Read more...

Modules 3 & 4

The contents of this Module will be presented during the October 28-31 retreat.

To learn more, please see Module 5.

See Module 5
Module 5: Overview Retreat — Oct 28-31, 2021
Hṛdayopāya: Sādhana of the Heart

Nathaji will explore why the heart is the key to our sādhana. Guided meditations, śakti transmission, discussion, and Q&A are blended into each retreat to deepen your practice.

Event Closed
Module 6: Hawaii Immersions — Dec 4, 2021 - Feb 12, 2022
Khecara-Vākya: Wisdom of the Heart

The secret to the inner knowledge we wish for resides in our own heart. Through learning advanced practices, listening to Nathaji’s articulation of ancient teachings, and spending extended time in the awakened life force and Consciousness that Nathaji embodies, the unbounded fullness of your Heart will reveal its secret. Read more...

In-Person: Closed
Module 7: Overview Retreat — March 24-27, 2022
Āṇavopāya: Living in an Open Heart

Nathaji will introduce the means of sādhana called āṇavopāya, and the critical role it plays in your spritual growth. The retreat will include discussion, śakti transmission, guided meditation, and a chance to ask questions. Read more...

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Module 8: April 18 - June 13, 2022
Āṇavopāya: Repose in the Heart Center

Nathaji will explore āṇavopāya in great depth, offer practices and guided meditations you can engage in to deepen your sādhana. The Zoom sessions will allow you to clarify your experiences with Nathaji. Read more...

5 On-Demand Presentation Sessions, followed by
4-week practice period and 4 Zoom sessions with Nathaji

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Module 9: Overview Retreat — July 14-17, 2022
Śāktopāya: Surrender Into the Heart

Śakti creates everything and is, for us, also the pathway back to its supreme Source. In this Intensive Nathaji will lay the foundation for a more detailed discussion in the next Module. Guided meditations, śakti transmission, discussion, and Q&A are blended into each retreat to deepen your practice.

This retreat may include the Parā Devī  Puja & Ceremony (for those attending in person- HOC Kula Initiation request required in advance). Read more...

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Module 10: Aug 15-Oct 17, 2022
Śāktopāya: The Pulsation of the Heart

Śakti is the power of God, the expression of His Consciousness that creates all of manifestation. Nathaji will explore how attunement and surrender to this vital force is a primary means of growth in this stage of the Journey. Read more...

5 On-Demand Presentation Sessions, followed by
5-Week practice period and 5 Zoom sessions with Nathaji

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Module 11: Overview Retreat — Oct 27-30, 2022
Śāmbhavopāya: Reside in the Heart
(Optional Initiation Ceremony into Heart of Consciousness Kula)

As our practice matures - and for most people that includes having done the work of āṇavopāya and śāktopāya - we enter into the path of awareness. Guided meditations, śakti transmission, discussion, and Q&A are blended into each retreat to deepen your practice. Read more...

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Module 12: Nov 14, 2022 - Jan 9, 2023
Śāmbhavopāya: The Realization of the Heart

Nathaji will explore what it means to be doing the work of śāmbhavopāya, learning to rest in Consciousness, and understanding that our journey has really been God's journey back to Himself. Read more...

5 Presentation Sessions, followed by
4-Week practice period & 4 Zoom sessions with Nathaji

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Module 13: Immersion in Hawaii — Jan 14-22, 2023
Anupāya: The Luminous Heart

Liberation has been described as "the flooding of insight" - the direct recognition that we are not, and have never been, separate from our divine Source. This immersion will be a powerful way to explore what this means to you. Read more...

Optional Intitiation Ceremony into Heart of Consciousness Kula.

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Module 14: Immersions in Hawaii — 2023
The Lotus Heart
Session 1: Jan 28-Feb 11
Session 2: Feb 18-Mar 4
Session 3: March 11-25

This will be a wonderful opportunity to complete the program with an Immersion at our reteat center on Maui, with extended time in meditation, more advanced teaching, and close interaction with Nathaji. Enjoy the 5-acre property and get to know others who have participated in the 2-year Journey. Read more...

Attendance is for HOC Kula initiates, and requires prior approval by Nathaji.

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