The Great Journey of the Heart: Module 8

March 7-May 2, 2022
Āṇavopāya: Repose in the Heart Center
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A 8-Week Exploration with Swami Khecaranatha

5 On-Demand Presentation Sessions, followed by
4-week practice period and 4 Zoom Q/A sessions with Nathaji, Mondays 6:30 pm

  • Presentation Sessions are 1½ - 2 hours long and are available on-demand by noon Mondays (CA time)
  • The program includes homework handouts & study in preparation for the next session
  • Q&A for Presentation Sessions: An email will be sent to participants explaining how to submit questions on the topics covered. Questions will be answered in the next session
  • Sessions may include guided meditations

The focus of this module: The path of individual effort

In the course of our sādhana, we are immersed in an ongoing, cyclical practice of becoming inwardly absorbed, extending from that absorption, expressing that into action, and folding the energy of our interaction back inside.

When we are centered in and function from the inner still-point of our heart, we can make conscious choices by pulling back inside before we act. We take our life force, which had been projected out into the world, and repeatedly fold it back in, extend it out, and fold it back in again.

We understand action as a discernable energy, and instead of projecting it outside, we establish a flow, an interchange, with life. This generates a dynamic power that we can use as fuel. By no longer by projecting outward, the energy is available as a potent force that powers the ascent and expansion of our consciousness.

We’re managing and channeling our own energy, consciously feeding it into the suṣumṇa and reinvesting kuṇḍalinī with the fuel it needs to continue to expose, dissolve, and rise up through all of the barriers to that ascent.