The Great Journey of the Heart: Module 10

August 1 - 29, 2022
Śāktopāya: The Pulsation of the Heart

Enroll Spring 2022

A 5-Week Exploration with Swami Khecaranatha

2 On-Demand Presentation Sessions, followed by
3-week practice period and 3 Zoom sessions with Nathaji, including Q/A

  • Presentations Sessions are 1½ - 2 hours long and are available on-demand by noon Mondays (CA time)
  • The program includes homework handouts & study in preparation for the next session
  • Q&A for Presentation Sessions: An email will be sent to participants explaining how to submit questions on the topics covered. Questions will be answered in the next session
  • Sessions may include guided meditations

The focus of this module: The path of energy and insight

As we open our heart and develop the capacity to feel a flow in ourselves what we discover within is the profoundly subtle, extraordinarily powerful, intrinsic force that expresses itself as life, as multiplicity. We are not different from that.

Once we begin to understand and recognize that life is not only form, but rather the energy of consciousness manifesting as form, we can truly experience our own essence as the current of śakti. And once we come in contact with it, we not only discover the willingness to surrender to śakti internally, we develop the capacity to allow it to sculpt our life.

Śāktopāya is about consuming the energy of the mind, because thought-construct is the binding agent that perpetuates the experience of duality. The mind and its dance partner, thought-construct, are always defining life in terms of difference, and the energy of our life force is trapped in that unending dance. Śāktopāya can also be described as the path of knowledge/insight. We’re transforming limited knowledge into the expanded recognition that while distinctions remain, we can perceive the unity in all diversity.