The Great Journey of the Heart: Module 13

Hawaii Immersions — January - March, 2023
Two 2-Week Immersions with Swami Khecaranatha at Nityakash, Maui

Registration requires prior approval by Swami Khecaranatha. Apply by contacting [email protected], beginning March 2022.

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Anupāya: The Luminous Heart
Session 1 - January 28- February 11
Session 2 - February 18 - March 4

There is no path to freedom...freedom is the path

Through the flooding of insight we recognize the One Self and are left in a state of pure Being. Experiencing the subtle pulsation of pure Consciousness is not an action but the effortless easing of awareness back into the innermost core of the Heart — illuminating one’s identification with the primordial Presence, the radiating resonance of Being.

Moving through the journey of the heart and the complete establishment in śāmbhavopāya reveals the full blossoming of vimarśa, our self-reflective capacity. The ethereal fragrance that it emits penetrates even the moment of separation that happens within the unified field of awareness. The complete Oneness that always existed shines forth. That is Pratibhā; that is anupāya.

This immersion will be a powerful way to explore what this means to you.