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Birthed Out of Love

nathaji's blog Mar 15, 2021

It is not by escaping our humanity or trying to disappear into the transcendent, but in finding that place where they come into union, the mystery that is inherently inside all of us is revealed.

Throughout the ages, people have asked these fundamental questions: “Why am I here? What is the relationship between me and the Divine?” It is our sādhana that brings us to the understanding that we were birthed out of the intimacy between Śiva and Śakti, Consciousness and energy. It is that dynamic interchange, that intimacy of love that creates and gives life.

When the eternal and the human meet, love is born; that is love doubling back on itself. By finding that place of union within us, we recognize that we, too, are birthed out of love.

Realization is living that union in our own lives, with heart wide open. It is the revelation of the mystery that is inherently inside all of us. How amazing that this could be true!

If we accept the premise that we were birthed out of the...

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The Power of Śakti

nathaji's blog Mar 07, 2021

Kuṇḍalinī is the volcanic flow of śakti that burns away all obscurity as She erupts into the central channel and our awareness. 

I often say that devotion is the full measure of surrender and in the practice of Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana, we discover that this means allowing the powerful force of śakti within us to do its work.

We can describe that energy in many ways, but in the context of Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana we are talking about Śiva’s Śakti — about the energy through which Pure Consciousness expresses and manifests Its primal urge, which is the expansion of fullness, freedom, and joy. All form arises and subsides on the field Consciousness, and this happens without Śiva losing any sense of Oneness. Manifestation comes into existence through Kuṇḍalinī Śakti, and in the nondual Trika tradition She is known as the Goddess Parā. Her primary attributes are that She is the power of will, knowledge, and action, the energies that Śiva uses to express His innate joy into form, into...

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nathaji's blog Mar 07, 2021

The cathedral of doubt is made of sand. In stillness thoughts go no further and distinctions vanish, then doubt dissolves back into the ocean of consciousness.

My experience as a teacher is that doubt is a major reason why students lose sight of the ultimate intention of sādhana: to find that God dwells within them as their Self. In the classical nondual Tantrāloka there’s an extraordinary statement that says that doubt is the fundamental effect of misunderstanding, and that any attempt to discover the truth from a place of doubt is impossible. So let’s look at doubt: what it is, and why it gets in the way of spiritual practice.

One major form doubt takes is that we doubt God’s existence because we can’t see him — even though, in truth, we see him every moment of our lives. It’s so important for us to penetrate through that misunderstanding, to grasp that everything we see is God, and that it is only our dualistic perception that prevents us from...

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Consciousness Has No Locality

nathaji's blog Mar 07, 2021

If Consciousness and energy are present everywhere, how do we connect to them? Are they located somewhere we can feel them?

Consciousness, in its broadest sense, has no locality, because it is present everywhere, and yet we can experience it in a location. We can touch it in our heart, in our mind, and even in our toes and in the world around us.

Energy is the power of Consciousness. The two are never separate, but it is through energy (śakti) that divine Consciousness manifests everything in creation. Pure Consciousness, through Its own autonomous power of śakti, expresses all of life — including our own — on the field of Its own Oneness. And yet, except for the rare person, the capacity to recognize that omnipresent field of Consciousness is not apparent. Although I do give practices that guide students to directly becoming aware of awareness, the secret of Tantric practices is that śakti is the pathway back to its source, which is Consciousness.

How can you see the...

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