The Great Journey of the Heart: Module 12

Nov 14 - Dec 12, 2022 
Śāmbhavopāya: The Realization of the Heart
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A 5-Week Exploration with Swami Khecaranatha

2 On-Demand Presentation Sessions, followed by
3-Week practice period and 3 Zoom sessions with Nathaji, including Q/A

  • Presentations Sessions are 1½- 2 hours long and are available on-demand by noon Mondays (CA time)
  • The program includes homework handouts & study in preparation for the next session
  • Q&A for Presentation Sessions: An email will be sent to participants explaining how to submit questions on the topics covered. Questions will be answered in the next session
  • Sessions may include guided meditations

Śāmbhavopāya is considered to have three aspects. It is at once the. . .

Path of Awareness

Śāmbhavopāya is the direct and immediate experience and recognition of Śiva Consciousness, which means recognizing our true essence.

Path of Will

The pure energy of will produces the awakening and blossoming of knowing. It is the power of knowing ourselves as Śiva. Śiva recognizes Himself within His own awareness, and in all that is manifest through His will to express the freedom inherent in His independent awareness.

Path of Śiva

Śāmbhavopāya, the ever-pure divine light of the heart of Lord Śiva, whose total freedom is not hindered by anything, manifest in the sky of His own Self—which is our true Self. Due to that, we have the came capacity to understand, without ever abandoning our own light, that what appears to be separate from us is really identical to our own Self.

We are not really residing in Consciousness—it resides in Itself, perpetually doubling back on Itself.

Only the rare sādhaka who has received the highest śaktipāta can directly follow the path of Śiva. All others, whose sādhana begins within duality, must follow the lower means, which require a guru's śakti and practices. When, through depth over time, those means reveal the path of stillness and surrender to the Divine, the sādhaka can be guided into the path of Śiva by a master immersed in the Self.

A single contact with the liberating current and awareness of the guru can cause vimarśa—Self-recognition of pure Consciousness—to pour back into the heart of sādhaka. The adept can then guide his charge toward the grace and liberation inherent in the path of Śiva.