I invite you to join me in this immersion into the Heart. 
Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji)

May 6-15, 2024

What do you think might happen in a 10 day immersion?

 Might you discover a profoundly deeper experience of essence and Self?
Might you open your heart, feel the plentitude of the joy of being, and experience unconditional love? 

You will experience how powerful it is to spend extended time with Nathaji and community at Nityakash, the five-acre retreat center on Maui. Participants enjoy the resonance of the meditation hall and the gardens, adorned with sacred statues.

 Nathaji's will explore the wisdom and practices of one of the most significant teaching of Śaiva Tantra.

 One thousand years ago a great tāntrika, Rājānaka Kṣhemarāja, wrote his masterpiece: The Pratyabhijñā-hṛdayam. The title means, “The Essence of the Recognition," which is the knowledge of oneself as an expression of the universal Divine Consciousness. 

Kṣhemarāja gives us the secret or “heart” of nondual tantric teachings: the process, by stages, through which Divine Consciousness becomes the world of manifold forms and then delights in its recognition of Itself, as  our own individuated consciousness. (Credit: Hareesh/C.Wallis)

This extraordinary text makes a key statement which is then articulated in terms of Kuṇḍalinī: 
Awareness Itself is the Goddess (we worship),
the Supreme Power.


In addition to his discourse, Nathaji will be taking you progressively through eight powerful meditations and practices. 

You will receive śakti, awareness and stillness practices, and some of the specific meditations given in The Heart of Recognition (Sutra 18)

You will come to experience how śakti becomes Consciousness, how individuality becomes universality, and how stillness and Presence are the all-pervasive screen on which it all takes place.

 Option #1 — In-Person:


(Off-campus rate: $1,200/week)

Spend time with Nathaji in an intimate setting, at our center on the beautiful island of Maui!

(Double-occupancy, includes program, food, transportation to/from airport, and a car for group outings mid-week). All participants do seva projects - cooking/cleaning and working on the property.

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Option #2 — Online Only:

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