Kuṇḍalinī Kitchen

The Heart of Consciousness Store

Enjoy these products, designed by Nathaji, to celebrate our practice.

You'll find Heart of Consciousness t-shirts, mugs, tote bags. . . and more!

All proceeds go to Sacred Space Yoga Sanctuary (the non-profit that operates Heart of Consciousness), to support our mission.

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Jewels for the Soul

Tulku Jewels Traditionally hand-crafted and spiritually inspired, blessed amulets and jewelry to support you in remembering and celebrating your inherent divine nature.

Tulku Oracle Deck:  Oracle cards are windows into the wisdom of heart, nature and ancient traditions. The images include totems, archetypes and symbols—all based on the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. They are divided into the five elemental categories—connecting us deeply into the ways of the natural world and opening our minds to the ways in which our journey is interwoven with the rest of life.

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