Art for Your Path

The art created by Inspired By Tantra explores the rich tradition of Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra and brings it to life for your home, studio or practice space. Contemplations of original Sanskrit texts and experiences from daily meditation practice are transformed into modern digital art using artificial intelligence. The aim is to offer visual interpretations that transport the many layers of meaning present in the source texts.

The stunning results are available for you as high-quality prints on fine art paper or canvas, or as digital download, so they may infuse your surroundings with beauty and inspiration. Free world-wide shipping is included on all products.

May the images bring beauty to your life and inspire you on your path!

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Jewels for the Soul

Tulku Jewels Traditionally hand-crafted and spiritually inspired, blessed amulets and jewelry to support you in remembering and celebrating your inherent divine nature.

Tulku Oracle Deck:  Oracle cards are windows into the wisdom of heart, nature and ancient traditions. The images include totems, archetypes and symbols—all based on the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. They are divided into the five elemental categories—connecting us deeply into the ways of the natural world and opening our minds to the ways in which our journey is interwoven with the rest of life.

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Padukas Artisans is located near the Fire Mountain Retreat Center in Ganeshpuri, India. It is in the Palghar district, which has its own original style of tribal art and craftsmanship known as Warli art. Skills have been passed down from generation to generation, occupying an important position in the Warli culture. 

In 2014, Padukas Artisans Workshop was created by the NGO, Om Gagangiri Maharaj Ashirwadit Trust in response to local tribal women asking for work and income. Drawing upon the women's natural ability at crafts and aesthetics of color and design, Padukas began training women and men in new crafts and utilizing their traditional methods. The NGO's goal has been to develop the talents of the craftspersons, and provide an opportunity to create and sell artistic products that encourage self-confidence and pride in the modern world.

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