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With a mastery etched from five decades of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, Swami Khecaranatha ("Nathaji") is an authentic adept in the Śakti Transmission Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda. He has spent his entire adult lifetime in service to God, Guru, and community. Throughout those years of service, he has offered an array of classes, retreats, and immersions without deriving any appreciable personal income from them. Virtually all the proceeds from Heart of Consciousness programs go into supporting the community and organization.

Nathaji teaches from his personal experience and revelations.

His study of the richness and wisdom of ancient tantric scripture provides a means to articulate the teachings of his lineage within the larger context of these powerful nondual traditions — while emphasizing the essence of his teaching, which is to empower students to discover their own innate divinity. As a householder he understands how to live a deep spiritual live while deeply engaged in daily life, family, and the pressures of living in the world. He is a true example of the lived expression of his teachings.

Nathaji is a key figure in the revival of Śaiva Tantra in the 21st Century.
Christopher Wallis (Hareesh)

Sanskritist, PhD scholar, and authentic practitioner of Śaiva/Śākta Tantra

Are you ready for a profound spiritual journey?

 This comprehensive program explores the key truths of the nondual tantric tradition and provides you with the tools to make those truths a reality in your own life. Whether you are new to inner work or an experienced practitioner, we invite you to join us!

When Divine Grace awakens within the deep recesses of our consciousness, it begins to reveal that God dwells within us as our Self. This Grace evokes in us a longing for liberation, which is really the start of our personal pilgrimage into the Liberated Heart.

In this year-long program, you will experience the progressive unfoldment of individual consciousness through energy practices, developing your ability to function from a new place. This gives you the capacity for immersion into stillness and awareness practices — ultimately establishing you in the state of Unity, in which you abide in the OneSelf.

The engagement with Swami Khecaranatha on this Pilgrimage can evoke the ultimate connection to Source. Through your own direct experience and recognition, the study of wisdom teachings, and extensive interaction with an authentic master of nondual tradition and Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana, you can find embodied liberation in this lifetime.

Let the journey begin!

Two Payment Options

For the first 27 people who sign up!
(full retail value: $7,000)
Programs begin May 10, 2024

One-Time Payment


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10 Installments


(total charge: $4,200)

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After 27 sign-ups, rates will be $3,900 for one-time payments and $450/month for installments (totaling $4,500).

Enrollment will close on June 30.

If you sign up after the May events, you will have the opportunity to watch those on-demand.

Weekend Retreats

These weekend programs have been designed to enhance your experience and give you a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges of sādhana. All California retreats are included in the Liberated Heart Program - either in person on online/on-demand.

Retreat Practices & Integration

Each retreat will be followed by two Sunday one-hour zoom sessions with Nathaji to help you integrate and embody the teachings of the programs.


Throughout the year, Nathaji has created longer programs to further deepen your practice.

Online participation is included in the Program, plus your choice of up to 3 weeks of residential attendance in the Hawaii or Ganeshpuri (India) Immersions during this year. Space is limited for in-residence, opt-in early to secure your spot. There is no discount for those who are only able to attend one or two weeks in residence. 

Immersion Practices & Integration

Each immersion will be followed by zoom sessions with Nathaji to help you integrate and embody the teachings of the programs.


Details and Calendar for Liberated Heart Retreats & Immersions

Twice-Weekly Śakti Transmission

In nondual traditions, śakti transmission is considered to be the highest form of spiritual initiation, providing students with immediate access to the divine energy that dwells within them. The transmission of energy, an essential ingredient in the awakening of kuṇḍalinī, is transmitted by the teacher in four primary ways: look, touch, thought, and word. Śakti transmission removes the restrictions that contract consciousness from its all-pervasive unlimited expanse down into limited awareness.

In our practice, the “eyes-open class,” or śakti transmission by look, is the principal method that allows for the direct transmission from teacher to student. These sessions include a discussion on various topics related to spiritual growth. Nathaji generally offers these classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Consciousness Cafe - (begins June, 2024)

Each month, you'll gather with Nathaji for a 90-minute live teaching, meditation, and Q&A exploring mystical principles, meditation, and how to embody spiritual practice in your daily life. The video recording of the meeting, downloadable audio (for guided meditations), and PDFs will be available soon after the live session.

Ongoing Learning - (begins June, 2024)

Weekly "HearTalks" - 2-5 minute video teachings.

Weekly Installments of Nathaji's Books - in an interactive format.

3 x Week Reflections - thoughts to consider each day.

Bi-Monthly Blog Posts by Nathaji - to deepen your understanding of the benefits and challenges of spiritual work.

Advanced Teachings & Practices (begins June, 2024)

2nd - 4th Mondays nights each month: Specific dates to be sent by email.
~ Śakti practices
~ Stillness & Awareness practices
~ Transmission of Consciousness

Personal Guidance with Nathaji

Monthly personal conferences with Nathaji - to be individually scheduled.

Online Interactive Community(begins June, 2024)

Be a part of a world-wide community of practitioners who are deeply touched by the nondual wisdom teachings and practices, and dedicated to living a life of love, joy, and freedom of Presence. Join the conversation and make friends in our private members-only online community site.

~ Active support and communication with others in the program.


Detailed Chart of Full Scope of Offerings

One-Time Payment


(save 50% off full value)

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10 Installments


(total charge: $4,200)

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Other Opportunities for Engagement

(Beyond the Liberated Heart Pilgrimage)
Extended Stay at Nityakash

Throughout history people seeking a deeper spiritual life have gone on pilgrimages to holy sites to immerse themselves in a place of refuge. Setting aside the activities, distractions, and pressures of daily life and engaging in longer periods of daily sadhana has long been a key component of reaching into the depths of one’s awareness.

It would be particularly beneficial to combine an extended stay with one of the immersions (in May, July, September 2024, or Winter 2025). You can come early or stay on afterwards for several weeks.

Option to Join Sound, Mantra & Chant and/or Yogāsana Programs from our co-teachers.

Access to ongoing classes, retreats, and teacher training with masters in each field.

Find out more directly from each teacher:

Anandra George - Sound, Mantra, & Chant

Acarya Nityani (Jenn Chiarelli) - Yogāsana & Meditation