Open-Eye Class — Tues/Thurs

7:30 PM (California time) and on-demand for those unable to watch live.

About These Classes

In our practice, the “open-eye class,” or śakti transmission by look, is the principal method that allows for the direct conveyance of spiritual energy from the teacher. Transmission provides a powerful opportunity to connect with the subtle inner force within and to penetrate ever more deeply into the heart of our own inner awareness. To learn more about Open-Eye Śakti Transmission CLICK HERE.

Introductory Materials

If you have never participated in Swami Khecaranatha's open-eye classes before, he asks that you watch the 15-minute Introductory Video before your first session. It explains the format of the class, teaches the Double-Breath exercise, and prepares you to receive transmission. Please also review the PDF, which describes the Double-Breath in detail.

Click Here to watch the introductory video.

Click Here to download the PDF describing the Double-Breath.

Click Here to watch a more extensive video, before or after your first open-eye class. Highly recommended, but not required.
*Note:  During non-class hours, the live stream page displays a video of the previous class. 

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